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Ayurvedic Treatment of High Blood Pressure – Guaranteed and Safe

Posted Jan 16 2013 6:11am
High blood pressure is one of most common lifestyle based diseases in human beings. In fact, it is known as the “silent killer” as it does not cause any major difficulty to the sufferer. There are many home based and allopathic means of curing the disease. However, there is Ayurvedic treatment of high blood pressure as well which is safe and guaranteed.

What causes blood pressure?

According to Ayurveda, blood pressure can be caused due to imbalance of the two doshas namely vata and pitta. The remedy suggested is to strike a balance between the two doshas. However, this is just the main reason. Even the balance in Kapha dosha can lead to aggravating the blood pressure of a person. Ayurveda recommends a few herbs, change in lifestyle and diet to lower their blood pressure.

Herbs to cure blood pressure:

There are different herbs to cure hypertension. However, there are three common ones which are used by Ayurvedic professionals and do not have any side effects. These herbs are Gulkand, Tribulus Terrestris and Rauwolfia Serpentine. These herbs offered by Ayurvedic Treatments are known to lessen the symptoms and level of effects in the high blood pressure.

Dietary changes:

Concerning the dietary part of Ayurvedic treatment of high blood pressure, one must avoid all sorts of food, which are oily or non-vegetarian. One must avoid chicken and mutton however, lean meat and fishes are all right as long as they are high in terms of proteins. The person also needs to include a lot of vegetables in his or her diet so that there is a sense of balance in the doshas.

There are many lifestyle-based changes as well which are required such as having a balanced breakfast, having regular exercise, yoga and meditation in order to bring a sense of calm in your life. Such a lifestyle will also keep you away from stress and tension as well.
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