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Awards! Uh Oh This Better Not Go To My Head!

Posted Aug 11 2008 9:09pm
I think that I must be the luckiest blogger alive as I have received two awards from two bloggers whose blogs send me to the moon because I enjoy them so much! I cannot say how much this means to me because really there are days when I think maybe nobody is reading this or if they are do they all think I am not just Healthnutwannabemom but instead just a plain nut. It always feels good to have someone like you and what you do so I would like to say thank you to Ria of It's My Party (and I'll cry if I want to) for honoring me with the Brilliante award and Caroline of The Zen In You with The Smile Award. If you have not had a chance to stop by either of these blogs you will want to do that as soon as you get the chance. These are two ladies who have fun and inspirational blogs. I always visit Ria for a smile and Caroline for some peace and inspiration (who doesn't need a little fun or inspiration?). Thank you again you two for honoring me and making me smile very, very big!

Now I have the task of choosing a few blogs that I admire to pass these wonderful awards onto. After much thought, pacing, more thought and brainstorming I have decided on the below blogs to award! I know I am forgetting someone so please forgive me as I am not always with it (oh really? I bet you could not tell:)

And the award goes to...... (drum roll please)

Brilliante Award

Discover Supplements -by
Yu Ming Lui. Has some very interesting health information!

Live, Laugh, Love by Jemima-A wonderful blog about a variety of things from this devoted wife and mother.

Earn Money At Home
by Robin-I don't know where she finds all the great opportunities to earn money at home but she does and I trust her advice.

Gay and Straight by Alan Bamboo-I like this guy a lot. He covers a wide range of interesting topics and I am touched by his honesty and openness.

Confessions of a Fitness Diva-This woman is a true fitness guru! She has sound and easy to follow health and exercise advice as well as a body to die for!!!

Beaded Tail-
Okay you know by now that I love anyone who helps homeless animals and awareness against animal cruelty. Well this blog does that with a twist! An incredibly talented mother/daughter team create unique jewelry and help animals with their profits. Also have cute cat pictures which I love.

Paul's Hea
lth Blog by Paul (who else?)-This guy knows his health information and has a great sense of humor. I always learn something here.

If any of those I have awarded this to choose to pass it on you need to display the award logo and choose 7 recipients of your choice. Don't feel obligated to do so as this is just an honor I want for you.

The Smile Award

Daisy The Curly Cat by Daisy-I smile and laugh and have the best time each day that I visit this delightful blog. Daisy models a variety of outfits with patience and tells some g
reat stories. I love this cat!

My Life As It Was, Is, And Will B
e by Sarah-She is probably tired of me giving her awards but I cannot help it! I find such peace and inspiration from her writing. Makes my heart smile.

Chica and Pumuckl by Anna-These are the cutest momma and baby orange tabby cats who previously lived in Egypt but just moved to Germany. The stories and pictures will keep you coming back for more. I visit daily and have to laugh and smile.

Random Ramblings
by Polly-I love visiting and seeing her beautiful backyard pictures. She has a bee house, insect house, visiting hedgehog, beautiful flowers and more (now you see why I smile when I visit). I am constantly entertained.

Robin's Woods-She takes the most breathtaking pictures that make me long to be where she is as well as the cutest and funniest pictures of a troop of chipmunks!!! I love visiting!

To my Smile Award recipients if you want to pass it on just pick 5 blogs you enjoy and post the award logo as well. Again, no big deal if it is not your thing.

Please check out these great blogs if you get a chance! I know you will be glad that you did! I know that I will by lying in bed tonight and a few more blogs will keep popping up that I should have passed these awards on to as well so I would like to say please accept this award as well!!!

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