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Avoiding injury when restarting exercise.

Posted by Swati S.

So you have decided to say goodbye to the couch and get into the fitness mode again. Good for you! But if the first day of a strenuous workout leaves you feeling fatigued, and with pains in knees, hips, and joints, then maybe you are doing too much. You may find it helpful to follow these tips -- they would be especially useful for those "young ones" who are in their advanced years. 1. Do not burn yourself out. You may have been able to do 100 pushups a few years back -- but it doesn't mean you have to start your fitness regime at the same level. Listen to your body and go at a comfortable pace. 2. Before deciding on the exercises, take into account your current fitness levels. 3. If you plan to increase your activity level, do not increase by more than 10% each week. So, if you do 20 push-ups throughout the first week, aim for 22 for the next week. 4. You could try cross training by using a combination of exercises. 5. Always do warm-up and cool-down exercises before and after your exercise. 6. If you feel sore in any muscles and joints after the exercise, try applying a pack of ice to get relief.
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