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Avascular Necrosis

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:53pm 2 Comments
I'm worried about my hips. I've been reading lately about avascular necrosis of the hip and the more I read about it, the more I think I have it.

From what I understand, the sickling of cells causes the blocking off of tiny cappillaries, arterioles and venuoles (a sickle cell trait), which causes portions of the hip to stop getting blood. Then it dies off (necrosis). The main treatment for this is a hip replacement...can you imagine getting a hip replacement when I'm not even 30?? Yikes!

It's not constantly hurting, but sometimes when I walk I can feel my bones grinding, as if there is no synovial fluid between the ball and socket. It's mostly on my right side, but today I was feeling it a little bit in my left as well. I'm trying to stay on the positive side, but I want to call my PCP to order an Xray just to check. That way, at least I know either way and stop worrying about it.

Mind over Matter, Mind over Matter, Mind over Matter!

Anyway, in other news, my best friend is coming for a visit in May! Yay! I can't wait to see her and show her all around Portland.

Later darlings!

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There is a lot of information about avascular necrosis on the internet, but not many sites give much detail about the disease.  One of the best sites for AVN information I have found is a non-profit Avascular Necrosis Resources.  I wish you the best of luck and hope your hips feel better soon.
I was diagnosed with AVN in my left hip a year and a half ago. Doctors kept holding off treatment because they didn't know what 2 do about it and theres not alot of doctors around that knows anything about it. well yesterday i went to a local hospital that found me a doctor 2 hours away that could help. Turns out i have it in both hips and the doctor told me both legs are on the verge of collapse and i'll have to get hip replacements in a year. and i just turned 22. He told me that if i would have seen him months before that he could have probably treated me with core decompression or bone grafting, now since all the doctors i tried to get to help me, took so long. Its just a slow painful waiting game to see when I can't take anymore pain. So if you have any kind of worrys i recommend you getting to a doctor ASAP and making sure they get you in for Xray and a pelvic MRI and really push the issue, because if you wait 2 long It might be to late
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