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Autoimmune Diseases - Re-Balance Your Immune System With Glutathione

Posted Sep 03 2010 12:00am

We learned on the immune system research page all about how glutathione has been proven in medical studies to boost the human immune response.

So should you be afraid to boost your glutathione levels? Many have expressed concern, that if their immune system is already overactive, that raising glutathione will only make it worse.

Actually, studies have shown just the opposite to be true. Glutathione is a pretty smart molecule. When someone is immunodeficient, or their immune system is too weak, glutathione boosts it up.

But, when someone has one of the autoimmune diseases, glutathione does something different. It re-balances it. Now I am not going to go into detail explaining how in each specific disease state, it does this, but the best way to explain it is like this.

In a normal healthy functioning immune system, there are optimal levels of all its components, like white blood cells, different types of T-cells, B-cells, and so forth. What glutathione does is make sure that you maintain these optimal levels.

There are also little “scouts” that your immune system sends out that are used to tell your body whether a tissue is friend or foe. These little scouts are called cytokines. Cytokines cause inflammation, which is why many of these autoimmune diseases are known for their inflammation.

Glutathione keeps the cytokines honest, so they stop tagging good guys as bad guys. They only tag bad guys bad, and good guys good, so that your killer cells only end up destroying what should be destroyed.

So basically glutathione knows what to do and gets busy doing it, correcting whatever imbalance a person may have, whether they are immunodeficient, or have one of the autoimmune diseases.

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