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Autism has a cure!

Posted Sep 14 2008 8:02pm

A new organization,, very recently launched an Ad campaign in USA Today to tell Americans that there is a cure for Autism. Wow! That is bold!

Contrary to traditional medical opinion—which says it does not know what causes autism and thus has no cure—the parents of autistic children are witnessing dramatic improvements in their children, simply by focusing on removing mercury from the bodies of their poisoned children.

While "Consensus Medical Science" is entrenched in denying the link between mercury and autism, these brave parents are actually getting dramatic results in spite of the arrogance of esteemed scientists paid to say what is needed to protect the interests of all those who would, and will eventually, get sued! As always, "follow the money!"

One doctor, Rashid Buttar, MD, has witnessed 23 of his 35 autistic patients become totally cured! One of his patients was his own son. Another was over 30 years old! Now, these kids may have some catching up to do for their years of living in a toxic fog, but the symptoms of autism are gone! Does that make mainstream medicine sit up and take notice? Of course not!

One might ask: Where does all this mercury come from that poisons these children? First, it is important to understand that there is almost always a genetic component that autistics have in common which make them "poor heavy metal excretors." They then get mercury in utero from their mothers who have mercury amalgams. Research shows that over 1.5 times the level of mercury in the mother is transferred over into the baby. Then, they get mercury from environmental exposures in water, food, and air.

Mostly though, they have been given massive doses of mercury in vaccines. For decades, vaccines have used a preservative called thimerasol, a substance that is mostly ethyl mercury, which is far more toxic than organic mercury! Since 1998, the use of thimerasol has been gradually phased out from pediatric vaccines but many batches containing this poison are still out there. You must ask for vaccines without thimerasol.

Isn't it amazing however, that a breakthrough of this magnitude is being led by laymen and not by scientists! With few exceptions, it has been laymen who have done the research and experimented with different modalities and theories in an effort to help their children.

The CDC, NIH, FDA, and numerous other organizations charged with the job of protecting us from harm, have all denied and ignored the science and anecdotal evidence suggesting mercury as the cause of the autism epidemic. Instead, they hide behind unpromising suggestions that genetics are somehow the cause! Well, genetics have been at work long before the epidemic!

Genetics only make one susceptible to mercury poisoning. Most people have the ability to excrete heavy metals, and therefore, don't have great potential for real problems. Personally, I have the gene that makes me an especially poor excretor of heavy metals, and I have had problems! (You can be readily tested for this gene, APOe4, by your doctor.)

Boyd Haley, PhD. has wisely asked, "Why is it that while we have readily found the cause of most diseases, we have not found the cause of a single neurological disease like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS etc." He goes on to speculate that the reason is that researchers like him are unable to obtain the funds needed because they want to look where the evidence clearly points. Mercury poisoning!

But this is politically incorrect! The issue of mercury and other heavy metals is a political hot potato because of the high potential for litigation for the many powerful and potentially responsible groups like the ADA, AMA, etc.

So it is left to empathetic parents to raise the money for funding Ad campaigns to tell the world that there is hope; there are answers! They should be getting MILLIONS of dollars of help from the groups responsible but are not, and will not.

Instead, these parents (and the few scientists aligned with them) are maligned by arrogant bureaucratic doctors and scientists who have NEVER treated a single autistic patient and whose job it is to defend the status quo. It has always been this way though, so we should not be surprised!!

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