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Autism and the Amish

Posted Sep 14 2008 8:03pm

Dan Olmsted has been writing an interesting series of articles on Autism. On April 18 and 19, Mr. Olmsted published a 2-parter regarding Autism among the Amish. To cut to the chase, it doesn't exist! The only Autistic child he could find was an 8 year old named Julia who had been adopted from China. Mr. Olmsted (and Julia's adoptive parents) say that vaccines containing mercury have been the cause, and not some mysterious genetic defect that has rapidly crept into the gene pool of everyone else besides the Amish (which would be scientifically impossible anyways).

Heavy metals like mercury do BAD things!! This is not just my opinion. For starters, read the transcript of Dr. Buttar's presentation to the United States Congress in May 2004. Or listen to the audio of his 52 minute presentation on the subject. To paraphrase Dr. Buttar, Autism does not exist -- it's heavy metal toxicity!

Then google Boyd Haley, head of the chemistry department at Univ of Kentucky, and see all the things he says about mercury and it's link to these diseases.

And be sure to read A User-Friendly Vaccination Schedule by Dr. Miller.

UPDATE: I just read yesterday's interview between Mr. Olmsted and Dr. Elizabeth Mumper. The Age of Autism: Sick Children Dr. Mumper states:

In the mid-1990s, I had a general intuitive sense, as a clinician who's walked into rooms with thousands of patients at this point, that children were sicker.

She also goes on to talk about why it is frustrating that epidemiological studies trump all "bench (laboratory) science" and clinical anecdotal evidence. Amen to that!

It is my belief that the tide is rising rapidly. Or rather, is it flowing out to sea, only to come crashing back with tsunami-like power on those who have caused this epidemic? Time will tell.

UPDATE: Found a page linking to all of Dan Olmsted's articles on Autism except for the most recent interview with Dr. Mumper. Check it out!

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