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Australian Eucalyptus Oil: The Ingredient that Makes You Pain Free

Posted Mar 26 2012 1:32pm

Natural Leigh takes better living one step further with its range of health and wellness products. Now, you can enjoy better life by being pain free, achieving your desired weight, and looking good with products that are made from only nature’s ingredients.

Pain Free is a product from Natural Leigh that does as it promises. This convenient spray is made from five, unique and natural ingredients that work together to penetrate deep within tissues and relieve inflammation at the source. Pain Free addresses muscle aches and pains, arthritis pains, and a wide range of other ailments.

The natural extracts used to make Pain Free, abide by all pharmaceutical standards. Natural Leigh’s FDA inspected facility leaves no doubts about the quality of products they provide in today’s marketplace. One of the key ingredients used in their Pain Free formula is eucalyptus oil. Out of some 600 different species of this tree, found on earth, only a few species can be used for medicinal purposes. You can trust Pain Free to be made only from oils of finest leaves, sourced from a unique and exclusive species of eucalyptus tree native to Australia. This particular species produces higher percentages of eucalyptol, or cineol, for an effective form of pain relief that’s natural and safe.

Eucalyptus oil is used in Pain Free because of its pain relieving qualities. It seeps into the skin and eliminates any pain by relaxing the muscles and improving the circulation. You will experience relief from sinus congestion, sore throats, asthma troubles, arthritis, muscular pains, and different kinds of joint pain; and eucalyptus oil is so effective against all these problems because of its higher concentration of cineol. It is distilled twice to render the extract as potent as it is pure. In fact, this natural oil is one of the most powerful natural germicides.

Once you apply eucalyptus oil in the affected area, you will experience pleasant warming sensation. This is because of the enhanced circulation of blood, and after few minutes, you will notice the pain begin to diminish. Joint pain and eucalyptus oil go together when it comes to getting fast relief. This oil is also a natural disinfectant and hence finds good applications in treating cuts and burns.

If you’re searching for ways to relieve persistent joint pain and eucalyptus oil is one of nature’s most effective remedies, then you owe it to yourself to try Pain Free spray today. From healing wounds and fighting infections, to providing relief for aching muscles and other chronic pains, this spray – and the uniquely sourced eucalyptus oil has so many benefits. For more details pay a visit to and rediscover life like it is meant to be.

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