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August 5, 2009 - Day 107

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:18pm
If my journal has piqued your interest in the scourge we call AMY, I would like to recommend another journal out there that offers a perspective that I do not have.
It is the story of Paul Hawthorne, his wife Amy, his children and their battle with this insidious disease.
It is a stark and heartfelt diary of a young man and his young family in their struggle.
It is the story of a wife and children who were forced to stand by helplessly watching as their lives took an unimaginable turn.
It is another story of inadequate diagnosis that so many of us can bear witness to.
It is the story of the confusion and fright that many of us know so well, fueled by the lack of awareness and knowledge that we realized existed when given our diagnoses.
It is a story hope and of tragedy that you need to understand.
You need to understand it because if we are ever going to beat up AMY, it will only be the result of recognizing that she is more widespread than anyone wants to admit to.
Yeah, I know that we are not the only ones dealing with a orphan disease, but this is our cause now.
It is what we know and can speak to with some authority.
I look forward to the day when amyloidosis rolls off the tongues of the medical community and the public because of some wild and crazy success story documenting a cure and not just a remission rate.
Please give us a hand with this mission by telling someone what you have learned about amyloidosis and ask for their support.
Thanks, Doug
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