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Atlanta residents get neck pain relief

Posted May 16 2013 10:04pm

Almost on a daily basis I have patients tell me that they have neck pain because they slept funny and want to know if they should get a new pillow or new mattress.  Here’s the down low on how sleep affects neck pain.  First off, let’s be clear that if simply sleeping can cause your body pain, there is something much deeper that needs to be addressed than just a pillow or mattress.  The human body is designed to handle quite a bit of stress without breaking down and sleep is one of those things that is practically the opposite of stress.  It is our reset button that we get on a nightly basis.  So, if after sleep you are having neck pain, you need to take a closer look at how your body is functioning.  Each bone in your spine is very moveable and protects the spinal cord (which helps control every function in the body).  When these bones get misaligned they put pressure on your nerves which can cause muscles to tighten up, create tension in the body, pain in the neck or even numbness and tingling into the arms and hands.  So, if you are sleeping and this sort of misalignment is happening, first thing is to get to your chiropractor so they can adjust those vertebra into place to help take the pressure off your nerves to help with youru neck pain and secondly you can start stretching before going to bed to make sure your body is loose and relaxed before lying down to sleep.  Atlanta neck pain sufferers don’t have to wait for relief.


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