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At least, it is relevant

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:02am

I know I’ve been kind of lazy when it comes to updating my blogs, especially this health blog.  Well, I could give the usual crap about not having enough time to write, but I know that it just isn’t only thing that has been hindering me from writing.  More or less, it’s the lack of inspiration that has been plaguing me for a time (and no, I’m not referring to romantic inspiration, which obviously I can do without, in this case).  

But despite that, I still keep getting comments, even in my older posts.  I love the idea that, even if I’ve written the posts a long time ago, people still find it, one way or another, and had helped them in some way.  

I guess the more frequently visited pages in this blog are my posts on tips on how to review for the medical board exam and some advice for those interested in pursuing a medical career.  I love how some commenters would email me back, several months after reading my posts, giving me an update on how the posts have helped them.  I also receive emails asking for more detailed information regarding exams, retaking the boards, and options after graduation from medical school.  My post on why doctors should leave also received a lot of comments, even after a year of being published online.  It even got quoted in a college student’s academic paper, of which she sent me a copy.  

I’m quite happy with how this has been turning out.  I may receive a lot of “destructive” comments (most of which are privately addressed, anyway), together with the constructive ones, but still I’m glad that my blog has been helping in opening discussions on the different issues that I try to present.  I would love to blog some more of the recent medical issues that has been ailing the country and, since I’ll be staying here a while longer, I probably ought to do so, anyway.   

So, despite getting trolls, aggressors, and ginormous amounts of criticisms, I’ll weather that, even for several years more.  At least, somehow, the blog is still relevant to those who (hopefully) by fortunate accident, stumbled upon it.

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