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Astrological Analysis of Sachin's Recent and Near Future Performances

Posted Sep 08 2008 5:01am
Question Received in Mail

When is Sachin Tendulkar's retirement?
How will he perform against Australia in the four test series in October November?
Will he make some good scores or will he fade away.
Also the reason for Sachin's failure in the recent test series against Sri Lanka
Requesting you with all humility to publish an article in your reputed web site

My Reply
Thanks for the mail.
You can see 2007/10/sachin-back-in-form- reason-attributed.html (i wrote last year at a time when sachin was the leading run scorer in england and other places few people were even telling that he will be made test captain again - instead kumble was made captain)

Good Observation.. Also for the past 2 and half years, Saturn was at Cancer (கடகம்), which is the eighth house of Sagittarius (தனுசு)... Thus Sachin was running அஷ்டமசனி..... Once Saturn has moved to the ninth spot, Sachin has been the leading Run Scorer in all the tournaments (Future Cup, Natwest, and the present Australian Series).... In fact he was the leading run scorer among both teams in the Future Cup

Will this continue.... Doubtful as Jupiter is poised to move into Sagittarius next month, which is start the period of ஜன்ம்குரு..... Remember that Jupiter in the is usually an unfavourable position at the first house (the house in which moon was placed at birth time)

Jupiter at 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th houses give favourable results for the person. Jupiter at 1st house (Moon is placed in Sagitarrius in Sachin's horoscope) is generally unfavourable. it is equivalent to loosing one crown. (he slipped from the number one position)

So his excellent period will start after Jupiter moves to Capricorn that will be around this year (2008) end

From then till next year end (2009 end) will be an excellent period for Sachin. He will regain his Number one spot in Test Cricket. After that, his favourable period as per his Dasa-bhukthi end. So he will retire. Before that he will score a 200 in an ODI and may also overcome Brian Lara's 400 runs in a test innings.
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