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asthma and joint pains

Posted by Janine F.

In July, my asthma got really bad, then had pneumonia and pleurisy pains. Then a pulmonary embolism. 

Then I had to be on 24/7 oxygen because I couldn't breathe without it. Also, I have joint pains BIG time. doctors put me on prednisone because of the asthma (and the joint pains).  I gained 50 pounds! I've been reading about adrenal cortex supplements?  and have also read about a treatment with low dose antibiotics - tetracycline - for the pains. Has anyone had anything similar?  docs put me on a drug called cellcept - when it kicks in I am supposed to be able to get off the prednisone. Don't know about this (?)

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I have also got very bad joint pains, especially achilles heals.  What can one do for that?



Had experience with joint point and there is an AMAZING supplement called Glucosamine that helps rebuild joint tissue.  Found in just about any drug store.  Its usually with the vitimines, safe, and really start feeling the effects after two weeks, if not sooner.  Good Luck, Feel Better.

My wife is a chronic patient of Osteo-arthritis (Knee joints) having pain for years. After oral application of Glucosamine  she started to get wonderful result within three months' time. She is slowly but steadily progressing and pain is gradually going away. Dose is 500 mg twice daily. Please co relate with a doctor.



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