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aspirated a piece of lettuce

Posted by JDragun2

Aspirated a small pice of lettuce while eating, I am a smoker, but generally healthy at 27 yrs old. Should I be worried?

I am currently on cipro for an infection elswhere in my body [non-respiratory] I am breathing fine, but have a tickle in my throat.
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Most of the time, aspirating something like this will cause a lot of coughing that will expel whatever was aspirated.  It might create an inflammatory or even infectious response if enough got into the trachea.  You should be OK especially if you happen to be on Cipro already.  Look for shortness of breath, persistent coughing, fever, pain with breathing as some of the clues that you might need medical attention. 

And how can I sign off without telling you to stop smoking?  You are 27.  To plan on 72 and healthy, be smoke free.  Pretend you are investing in your 401K for life...........

Good Luck!  Dr. Rima B

Thank you. I must have coughed it up in pieces because I fel much better after a few hours now. As for smoking, I have lozenges to help me quit, but my doc told me it might be a god idea to wait on the lozenges until after the cipro is taken a week from now. Then I start the arduous process of hacking up nasty tar and being a real crabby pants for a few weeks, but I want to quit and have faith in myself [and those around me for their support] that I will be free of nicotine for good very, very soon.
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