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Arm Bands For Tennis Elbow

Posted Jan 24 2010 10:33am

The human body is a complex mechanism and has been designed to combat extensive pressures and wear and tear. However, with the passage of time, the organs lose their efficiency or develop faults, which can deteriorate into major physical disorders. Likewise, even the bones, muscles and tissues can develop major ailments and fail to function smoothly. One of the most common disorders associated with joint or muscle pain is tennis elbow.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow refers to elbow disorder, wherein the patients suffer from severe elbow pain. When an individual is suffering from tennis elbow, he is unable to hold or grasp objects by the affected hand. Not only does he lack the grip, but also experiences excruciating pain while holding any object. The pain is not only restricted to the elbow but eventually spreads to the entire forearm. In majority of the cases, tennis elbow affects the dominant arm and specifically affects individuals in the age group of 35 and 65 years. The greatest risk of tennis elbow is observed among sportspersons and individuals involved in physically demanding professions, like construction laborers and gardeners. Even plumbers, carpenters and painters have the risk of suffering from tennis elbow.

Arm Bands for Curing Tennis Elbow

There are several treatment measures available for treating tennis elbow. The most commonly used mode of treatment is physiotherapy in which the focus is on strengthening of the arm and elbow through specific exercises and massages. Apart from these measures, one of the easiest ways of treating tennis elbow is to use an arm band. An arm band is used to reduce the pain in the elbow by creating warmth in the arm without affecting the blood circulation. Strapping the band around the elbow creates sufficient pressure on the elbow that is necessary to reduce muscle pain. The greatest advantage of an arm band is that it does not hamper the normal movement or functioning of the arm and is extremely effective in reducing the pain.

A pre-requisite for treating tennis elbow is to generate sufficient warmth in the elbow and forearm. The arm band precisely creates this heat in the elbow that provides relief to the strained muscles and tendons. The band is designed with such fabric that it creates only sufficient heat and pressure required for restricting tennis elbow pain. The fabric absorbs any excess heat, which may be created as a result of the strapping. The band consists of foam pad that is responsible for creating the much-needed compression and warmth. The arm band also helps in releasing any muscle pull and aligns any strayed muscles or tendons.

Hence, an arm band is the simplest and one of the most effective therapeutic devices used for treating tennis elbow.

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