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Are Homeopathic Acne Remedies Like Natures Cure Safe?

Posted Jul 10 2010 5:14am

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Traci’s naturally curious…I’ve been reading up on this “nature” acne fighting product called Nature’s Cure. They have two versions: one for females and one for males. While I can see how the ingredients in the topical treatment works, they also include non-Rx pills which have homeopathic ingredients. What’s your opinion of this product? Do you think that this would be safe to use?

The Left Brain’s left unimpressed:
Traci, you’ve raised a very controversial issue with your question. Homeopathy is a method of treating disease using low levels of the very ingredient that makes you sick. The basic idea is that as you dilute these chemicals, they become more effective at helping the body fight off the condition they cause. (Sort of like a small pox vaccination except unlike vaccinations which have a proven mode of operation, homeopathic treatments are ill defined at best.)

Most importantly, despite it’s popularity in numerous countries, homeopathy has not been conclusively proven to be an effective method of treatment. (Trust us, this one is complicated but if you want a nicely detailed overview, check out this Wikipedia entry on Homeopathy . If you’re hungry for more, check out this BBC story that says homeopathy is a bunch of crap.)

Now, what about the Nature’s Cure products? Their topical skin products use salicylic acid, an approved drug ingredient so there’s no problem there.

The pills you asked about use ingredients like English walnut, yeast, rosemary, etc, etc. Are these effective acne ingredients? That’s doubtful since these aren’t approved drugs. Are they safe? Well, they don’t appear to be unsafe, in fact, the US Food and Drug Adminstration says that homeopahtic treatments in general are safe “because they have little or no pharmacologically active ingredients” (see the Wiki article for references on safety and efficacy testing.)

If you ask us (which you did) there’s no reason to use these unproven, unscientific products. But aside from the cost, there’s no downside to trying Nature’s Cure. However, you might want to keep a tube of Clearasil under your pillow just in case.

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