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Anyone know anything about mysterious rashes, an elevated WBC & lumps in the armpits, base of neck & groin/thigh?

Posted by DatchickDray

If anyone can even shed a bit of light, or pray I come across someone who can, I'd appreciate it.  Approx. 4 yrs ago I began getting ill with what started out as hives but would continue to swell & sting/burn rather than itch.  The swelling would usually leave wherever the swelling was useless to me, i.e. my hands, feet, legs, arms.  Approx. a 1yr & 1/2 ago I popped up with this mysterious rash & upon going to urgent care was told it was an allergic reaction, my skin had turned black as though it were dying.  Then 8 mos ago I gave birth to my daughter, about 2 mos. later the same rash came, except this time with off & on vomiting & a lump at the base of my skull.  I went to the ER as directed, was told RMSF & follow up.  That Dr. said it was gone & then these lumps started appearing under my arm, the 1st time he said infected sweat gland.  Once recently in my groin.  Now the rash is trying to come back, it starts out spotty, then my skin feels raw to the touch, then darkens, then like sand.  I was told my WBC didn't come down & need to see a hematologist.  The main issue preventing that is lack of insurance & funds.  Does this sound familiar to anyone, anyone with any advice, anyone have any suggestions?   Thank you for reading my story.  I can be reached at ladydray2002 at yahoo.
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