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Anti inflammatory Natural Supplements for Arthritis

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:57pm

by Markus Skupeika

The word "Arthritis" indicates the singular form, though the disease arthritis is a combination of the 100 or more than diseases. Arthritis is accompanied by the joint pain or the inflammation. The join pain often referred as the arthralgia. According to the Arthritis Foundation near about 40 million people in the US have been searching for pain relief formulas from this debilitating disease along with the pain and inflammation.

There are different parts of the body that can be affected by the arthritis, but the common parts that the Arthritis affects are:- Tendinitis - targets tendons Sclerodermal - thickening of the skin and connective tissue Fibromyalgia - muscles will be sore and tender to the touch Articular or joint types of arthritis - gout and lupus, tend to be the most painful
People can be affected by Arthritis at any point of time of their life span. By far the two of the most common form the arthritis are Osteo arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis.

Both kind of arthritis share the common symptoms like persistent joint pain and the back pain, though these two forms of arthritis have different causes, risk factors and effects with the life. There are also many types of lower back pain relief products on the market for people who suffer from these symptoms.

Osteo Arthritis- This is the most common form of the arthritis in US resulting 21 million people affected by this disease. The main thing about this arthritis is that it generally affects the joint cartilage with the stiffness and swollen limbs. OA commonly affects the joints of the fingers, knees, hips, and spine. Other joints affected less frequently include the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and ankles. When OA is found in a less-frequently affected joint, there is usually a history of injury or unusual stress to that joint.

The work related repetitive injury and the physical trauma in the early age may lead to the development of QA. When the queries come on the symptoms of the Osteo Arthritis these are common things that a physician noticed. a) Steady or intermittent pain in a joint. b) Stiffness after periods of inactivity c) Swelling or tenderness in a single or more joints. d) Crunchy feeling or sound of bone rubbing on bone (called crepitus) when the joint is used. An X-ray is the basic test to determining the disease Osteo arthritis.

A collection of serial X-ray can be formed to dictate the terms of deformation of the cartilage and its tissue. Another form of the test is to diagnosis is the joint aspiration for determining the QA. The doctor may take the synovial fluid from affected joints using a needle for doing the Joint Aspiration. A complex autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis is characterized by the chronic joint inflammation and progressive joint pain. This process begins with hyperplasia, or excessive increase in size and thickness, of synovial tissue.

Along with provoking cartilage and bone destruction, this abnormal tissue growth is resistant to apoptosis, the natural cell death vital to the generation of healthy new cells. Some of the natural arthritis products do enormous good to this chronic debilitating disease like Olive oil, ginger, and cod lever oil. These are the well affordable and renowned ones.

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