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ankle injuries

Posted by Lindsey J.

I sprained my ankle badly on a run back in May. I was told to stay off of it for a month. Since then the farest i have been able to run is 3-4 miles but my ankle hurts through it. I need to know some good exercises to help rehab it to stop hurting so I can train for my half marathon.
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If you are still having pain after many months, you should definitely have your ankle reexamined by an expert orthopedist or sports medicine specialist. Ligamentous rupture could have left you with a loose ankle, or it's possible you had a hairline fracture that was missed on initial exam, or there could be other problems with your ankle, such as avascular necrosis... A repeat exam is essential -- your doctor may also want to check/recheck a routine Xray or even an MRI. Good luck!
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