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Ankle fracture or sprain?

Posted by m3kids

I fell on the ice today, and heard a loud snap.   I sounded much like a branch breaking (splintering).   When the ER doc examined my ankle, he knew right away that it was broken and they began sx prep.   When the x-rays were reviewed, they were not able to see a fracture.   Is it possible that there it is fracture, and not just a sprain? 

I had a severe sprain in my other ankle a couple years back, and this new injury feels completely different!   I have never had such pain (other than birthing a child)!

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Ankle injuries are quite difficult--let's say that up front.  Having said that, it can take a long time to recover.  With regard to fractures and what you are feeling:

Hairline fractures can skip detection in the first week or two after an injury.  Although most significant fractures are seen on first exam, it might take a second Xray later to be sure you do not have a hairline fracture.  In some cases, an MRI is even necessary.  Usually, however, each ligament or tendon injury is of a slightly different character depending on what joint or limb is involved.  This produces different symptoms for different injuries.  Also, keep in mind a torn muscle might also be involved. Needless to say, it can be quite painful.  Keep in touch with your doctor as how you progress will determine what treatment is recommended.

Good Luck,

Dr. Rima B

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