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An infection or not an infection?

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm

The reports below in my last post also differ with the infection status. In the first report it states erythematous discharge, no infection mentioned. The Amended report States: A superficial distal wound infection(picture seen left). Not a biggie just a pattern. I only started actually looking at these reports after things started to go wrong. I wasnt being anal retentive, I had spent a month fighting for my life. I needed answers on many topics not just the bowel obstruction. That is why I write in an earlier post about incorrect notes. Quite often if the patient is prejudged, subjective biased notes can be written. This can lead to tragedy if a patients level of care is lowered through an opinion of Medical personal.
Also I am including in this post another report. The admission was the one in which I was told I had no pouchitis based on blood work and a imaginary C.T scan. Even though at the time I made it clear I had no blood work done, it was still written in my discharge letter They must have been my results from another admission. This was also supported by an R.N who made a call to the doctor to amend report.Also 800 mls were removed not 200ml, (one confirms urinary retention, the other doesnt, a big difference). The writing is the nurses. Do I sound picky? Or am I sick of being fobbed off based on 'Tests' that have not even been done. It is hard to believe now what they say to me especially if its a "Oh we are ruling out blah blah based on testing" They look stupid, and I feel mislead
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