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An In-depth Look at Male Bladder Weakness

Posted Jan 04 2011 7:39am
Despite what many people think incontinence and bladder weakness is not a women’s only problem. According to the World Health Organization there are roughly forty million men worldwide who are incontinent.

Male incontinence is just as common as any other disease – even though I don’t like to call it a disease. For me incontinence and bladder weakness are a condition that if diagnosed and treated properly it can be cured.

Just like women, men are also ashamed to talk about their condition and end up living with it for the rest of their lives.

“I’d rather admit I can’t get it up than say I suffer from bladder weakness”

I was shocked with such comment but glad because that inspired me to write this article. Bladder weakness is nothing to be ashamed of and in most cases it is treatable.

Types of Male Urinary Incontinence

Like in women, there are different types of male urinary incontinence and they are:

Stress Incontinence
Urge Incontinence
Overflow Incontinence
Functional Incontinence

Causes and Treatment

The causes of male urinary incontinence are many and varied. The same can be said about the treatments available to help men improve and in most cases cure their conditions. Finding out the cause is the first step towards the cure, hence the importance to seek help.

Causes of male incontinence

Bladder Problems
Prostate Problems
Head injury and spinal cord injury
Neurological diseases
Degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease
Mental State


Treatment of male incontinence depends on the underlying cause of it. It is important that your family doctor is consulted. The doctor should give you a complete physical and from the information that you give him/her and the tests that can be carried out (often very simple) a diagnosis and treatment can often cure or minimize signs and symptoms of male urinary incontinence.

Male Incontinence Products

With forty million incontinent men around the globe this is a market that can not be ignored and it hasn’t. Proof to that is the evolution of male incontinence products, before they were designed mainly for women and men had to adapt them to use it. Even though they were labelled “Unisex”.

It doesn’t matter what type of incontinence you have; bladder problems that have caused incontinence; urinary tract infection or some other reason, one thing is for sure there are so many new and well designed male incontinence products that will allow you to live a normal life.

You wouldn’t believe, products like incontinence underwear, incontinence plastic pants, incontinence briefs, bladder control products, incontinence diapers, incontinence pads, incontinence bed pads, disposable incontinence diapers, portable urinals, Cunningham clamps, internal and external catheters, and this is just a short, short list of what is available for you guys.

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