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Am I having circulation problems?

Posted by Laura77

A month ago I felt a severe itch on the side of my foot pad near the pinky toe and scratched it.  It caused a grape sized lump to appear immediately following the itching.  It was painful, turned white and numb so I iced it.  After icing for 10 minutes it was purple in color with minimal swelling.  The next day it was black and blue.  I thought it was a freak thing but now it's happening about once a week in different spots and on both feet.  I have noticed my legs are feeling as if they are asleep towards late afternoon until evening.  This is all accompanied by joint and neck pain within 6 months.  I have seen my Family Doctor for chest pain and I went for an MRI to check for a pulmonary embolism in my chest.  I recently had a baby 10 months ago so he wanted to rule that out.  It was clear. 
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