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Alternative and Traditional Health Products

Posted Jan 14 2009 6:06pm

There are two main categories of health products:
Alternative and Traditional

Traditional health products are scientifically proven products that are known to be effective treatment.
Alternative health products are natural products which have not been scientifically proven to be effective as a health product.

A health product is anything that is used in relation to a persons health.

Traditional health products are what most people think when they hear health product. Traditional health products include medications that can be found at a pharmacy and methods of treatment like surgery.

Alternative health products, on the other hand, are more like home remedies. They are natural products which, unlike traditional products, are not manufactured in a lab.

People who back traditional health products claim they prefer the safety of science. They say alternative treatments are not proven to work and therefore are simply a waste. Furthermore, they say that people who use alternative health products are harming themselves by not getting the necessary proven traditional treatment

People who back alternative health products say that they are better for a person because they are natural. Traditional health products introduce foreign substances to the body that can produce side effects when alternative products produce fairly little, if any, harmful side effects.

There is a lot of talk about which is better for a person and many schools of thought on the subject.

The arguments between both sides of the alternative versus traditional health product debate will likely never see eye to eye. Some alternative practices are being studied for effectiveness, but many have so far not passed the traditional test. Until alternative health products can be proven by science the debate will continue.

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