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Alpine Skiing: Winter Olympics Contest Day #6

Posted Feb 17 2010 12:09pm

Alpine300 Alpine Skiing:  Winter Olympics Contest Day #6Even with the increased popularity of snowboarding, Alpine Skiing continues to be the most popular snow sport. Although it is often criticized as being dangerous, in truth only 3 in 1000 skiers are injured participating in the sport. Fatalities are extremely rare, although are usually high profile when they occur.

About 50% of skiing injuries occur in the lower extremity, with the knee being the most common area of injury. The knee injuries most commonly occur due to faulty bindings that do not release properly. Newer bindings do help to protect the knee from injury better.

Most ski injuries are ligament sprains. Soft tissue bruising and joint injuries are the next most common injuries. Skiers have half the rate of fractures (broken bones) that skiboarders do – about 17% compared to 34%. “Boot top” fractures of the tibia and fibula at the top of the ankle where either the binding fails to release as it should, or the skier unexpectedly enters softer snow and the skis slow down but his momentum carries him forwards leading to the injury.

424 Alpine Skiing:  Winter Olympics Contest Day #6Today’s prize for our Winter Olympics Facebook Contest is Orthogel Advanced Cold Therapy Pain Relief Gel. It is a topical pain reliever and anti-inflammatory that is perfect for any aches and pains that you may feel once you get off the slopes.

To enter our contest, become a fan on Facebook!!! Drawing will be tonight at 9 pm Central

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