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Along the same vein

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:38pm
After all the conversation regarding IV vs IM Narcan and the needle stick injury problem, Rogue Medic wrote a fine post on his blog. Rogue Medic: Needle Stick Regrets

I thought that I would add my 2 cents.

Needle stick injuries are a terrifying experience, if you have never had it happen I hope that you never do. You wait for test results and have to keep coming back for more just to be sure that you didn't get HepC,B,any other Hep strain, HIV or some other nasty little bug. With the emergence of new fancy "safe" needles people have gotten lazy. There is no safe needle. A needle is like a gun. Always assume that it is loaded and handle it accordingly. Do not point it at anyone you do not not intend to stick and always point your needle down range.. er I mean away from everyone. When you have that needle it is your responsibilty at all times. If someone gets stuck by your needle it is not their fault,it is yours. That goes along with situational awareness. Know where your people are and where your needle is at all times. If for some reason you have to pass off your needle I suggest handing off the needle with the pointy ouchy end towards you. Just like the barrel of my weapon is pointed towards me when I pass it off (slide locked open of course) your needle should be as well, because it is your responsibility. Needles do their job effectively but are dangerous and to continue on with our jobs effectively we have to handle them with respect.
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