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Allow me to persuade you who get scleroderma involved lung fibrosis eating more spice turmeric.

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:58pm

Six months ago, I took my mom to the hospital for physical therapy. The physician told that my mom’s stomach is bloated because of the excess gas from a bowel movement problem. Therefore, for reducing the excess gas, the physician ordered turmeric powder for her to eat one capsule per day.

I have known before that curcumin, main active component of the spice turmeric, is the potent antioxidant. Consequently, I agreed with this order and searched more about curcumin information that involve scleroderma.

Fortunately, I found the research about "Curcumin-Induced Apoptosis in Scleroderma Lung Fibroblasts Role of Protein Kinase Cε" by Elena Tourkina, Pal Gooz, James C. Oates, Anna Ludwicka-Bradley, Richard M. Silver, and Stanley Hoffman.

The observations from the researchers suggest that curcumin may have therapeutic value in treating scleroderma particularly in lung disease and generally in lung fibrosis. Moreover, the results indicate that curcumin causes apoptosis in scleroderma lung fibroblasts (SLF), but not in normal lung fibroblasts (NLF).

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