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Allergy Immunotherapy Shot

Posted Jun 14 2010 1:39am

Allergy immunotherapy shots are an effective way to alleviate allergies which are not responding to other forms of treatment. Other forms of allergy treatment such as medication and herbal remedies do not work for many people, therefore their doctors will recommend that they undergo an allergy immunotherapy shots program.

Allergy immunotherapy shots can be administered to children and adults, although very young children and much older people are not advised to undertake allergy immunotherapy shots due to the heightened risk and less capability of dealing with any severe side effects to the injections.

Allergy immunotherapy shots works by injecting allergens into the body at increasing doses each time. These are small doses, however are increased on a regular basis depending on how the patient tolerates it, and how his allergies are reacting to the treatment.

The idea of the immunotherapy program is for your body to become immune to allergens that you are allergic to. This can be anything from dust mites, cats, pollen and grass to mold or bee stings. Although you will still be allergic to them, you should show a lot less symptoms than before the course of allergy immunotherapy shots.

Keep in mind that immunotherapy is not an overnight process. It is ongoing treatment that requires patience and perseverance if you want to see results. If you don

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