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Alix Won #1 Health Transformation Video on Natural News TV!

Posted Mar 04 2011 12:16pm
Cross-posted from SpiroChicks

A huge shout-out to Med Nauseam readers and the Lyme community for helping my video place first in the Natural News TV Personal Health Transformation Video Contest ! This is not only a win for me but a win for Lyme awareness, as Natural News is now ranked the fourth largest alternative news site in the world . I'm not sure if I'm ready for that much exposure!

I have contacted Turn the Corner Foundation -- the Lyme non-profit that funded the award-winning documentary Under Our Skin -- about directing half my winnings ($250) to them. A foundation I work with will match that amount for a total donation of $500.

Here is my statement from the Natural News article about the competition
I’m thrilled to have placed first in the contest. Since I pride myself on “passing” as totally healthy, I still feel very shy about having my personal Lyme story in a public video format, but I was comforted gradually after receiving so many uplifting emails from other long-term Lyme sufferers. Until I had a bunch of those emails, once an hour I thought about pulling my video down. Thank you to the wonderful people who wrote me -- you are my partners! I was equally uplifted watching the other videos in the contest, and have seen all but a few of them at this point.

It’s not surprising to me that two people fighting Lyme ended up placing in this contest. [Shout out to David of Scientific Living !] 

Lyme patients are among the most maligned, marginalized, and misunderstood group in all of medicine. Politics have led to policies that favor insurance companies and Lyme vaccine patent holders. Patients with late Lyme or chronic Lyme need long-term antibiotics (whether prescription or herbal) yet these compromised policies lead their own doctors to deny them both diagnosis and treatment. These are the same doctors who prescribe months of antibiotics for a case of acne. Never mind that Lyme often leaves people disabled, bankrupt and without medical or disability insurance.

I hope that publicity from this contest will help chip away at this political brick wall in the medical system. To further the awareness and policy efforts in the Lyme community, I’m giving half my winnings ($250) to a Lyme non-profit and will have that matched 100% by a foundation I work with, for a total gift of $500. The other half of my winnings I’ll apply to my way-too-expensive Lyme protocol. I’m excited to win food that I and my Lyme friends can actually eat -- that is a first! As for the yoga trapeze prize, maybe I’ll record my next video while dangling from it. ;)

Like most Lyme patients, I had to fight the system to get a diagnosis. I knew from all my research that I could be treated successfully with natural medicine, but then my next fight was to find a practitioner who felt confident treating that way. Eighteen years after getting a tick bite, I finally began an intense treatment plan that is expected to last three years. Two years in, I’m not fully recovered, but am doing great. Thanks to everyone in this contest, to those who viewed and voted and made my video viral, and to the Lyme community for pursuing natural treatments and sharing what you know with others!

Thanks so very much for sticking with me in this competition to the end!
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