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Alen Air Purifiers Product Review: Attractive, Affordable, and Eco-Friendly

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:02am
Alen Air PurifiersIf you’ve been considering purchasing a new air purifier, we would definitely recommend checking out the Alen Air Purifiers. They truly offer anything you would ever hope for in a purifier–especially when it comes to price and their warranty policy versus other top-brand models.

Founded in 2005, Alen Corp. has been a leader among top-named air purifying companies for their overall excellence. Alen believes in offering air purifiers and accessories that are of high quality, eco-friendly, and most importantly–affordable. Alen even offers lifetime warranty policies on all of their air purifying systems (in hopes of never having their products end up in landfills), unlike other well-known brands such as IQAir, Austin Air, or BlueAir which only offer 5 year warranty policies. Of course, you must maintain your purifier regularly by replacing your air filter ever six months (as recommended) to keep your warranty active , but that is ongoing maintenance that you should do regardless of warranty to ensure that your purifier is achieving maximum fresh-air breathing capabilities. Alen Air Purifiers Specialized Features:

  1. Lifetime warranties on all models
  2. Ozone Free built-in Ionizers
  3. All-in-one pre-filter/HEPA filters
  4. UV Lamps neutralize and eliminate 98% of bacteria
  5. Enhanced Activated Carbon filters
  6. Models that are wall-mountable
  7. Slim and sleek attractive designs
  8. Inexpensive HEPA replacement filters
  9. Perfect for those afflicted with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  10. RoHS certified lead free
  11. Energy Star Rated
  12. Eco-friendly
  13. Award-winning
  14. Fun and colorful add-on “skins”
  15. Innovative

The slim and sleek Alen T300 Air Purifier.

Alen’s Air Purifiers are much less costly than other purifiers on the market; usually by hundreds of dollars. Their lowest priced purifier, the T100 HEPA Desktop Air Purifier, is merely $149.00, and their most expensive purifier, the A375UV Multi-Gas HEPA Air Purifier is only $599.00–most competing brands range in the thousands of dollars for a similar product.

The wall-mountable A375UV Multi-Gas HEPA Air Purifier.

As for looks and design, all of the Alen Air Purifiers are simple, attractive, and compact. They eliminate that worry of having a clunky, oversized, unattractive box in the corner of your room–and really, it doesn’t get much better than a good looking appliance and fresh breathing air! Many of Alen’s systems such as the Paralda HEPA UV Air Purifier (also named Product of the Year by Respiratory Management), the T100 HEPA Desktop Air Purifier, and the T300 HEPA Tower Air Purifier, are even portable–making it a much simpler process when moving them from room to room in your home or office. The Paralda has even been designed to look as “green” on the outside as it is on the inside.

Alen’s Paralda HEPA UV Air Purifier: “Green” inside and out!

All Alen Purifiers offer an all-in-one Pre-filter and HEPA filters, and built-in Ionizers that minimize pollutants (yet are ozone free!). Some of the Alen models such as the Paralda, the A375UV, the A350 (Alen’s most popular air purifier), and the T300 also offer Enhanced Activated Carbon filters for added pesky odor control, including all kitchen and bathroom smells. The A375UV and the T300 model as well offer two UV lamps that help in eliminating bacteria. The great thing about the UV lamps is that though they will have to be replaced after prolonged use, they have a very long lifetime and will not need to be replaced as frequently as the air filters.

Alen’s most popular air purifier: The A350 Energy Star HEPA Air Purifier.

With the holidays approaching and many people scratching their heads for the perfect gift ideas, we hope that you will consider Alen Air Purifiers. Nothing beats giving the gift of clean, fresh breathing air–especially that that is not only beneficial to your health, but beneficial to the environment as well! Truly a gift that will “last a lifetime,” Alen Air Purifiers will look perfect in your stylish modern home with their sleek designs and compact bodies. And since they have been tested and proven to work very quietly, the only difference you will notice will be the one in your overall health and breathing capabilities.

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