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Air America Intelligent Design Poll

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:12pm

This poll on caught my eye.


The results really aren't very surprising, until you juxtapose them with the results of the Harris Poll about Intelligent Design that I blogged about recently here. (64% of people believe we were "created directly by God", and another 10% think it was a "Powerful Force/Intelligent design." Only 22% believed humans "Evolved From Earlier Species.")

These two markers create an interesting demographic profile on Air America readers. First, they aren't much into Christianity...not that anyone is surprised by that.

But this really cements the fact that Air America listeners are way outside of the American mainstream on what most would consider to be a very core issue since one's belief about where we/this all came from has a dramatic impact on one's life and views.

Maybe it's just because it was President Bush suggesting we teach Intelligent Design in schools? Wonder how the poll would skew if Dr. Dean were to suggest it?

UPDATE: The blogosphere certainly enjoys talking about Intelligent Design. See the spike at Icerocket.

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