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After Dinner Tea - and my Coca Tea Experiment Idea (Ah-hah!)

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:17am

I've just eaten dinner and am sipping on a cup of Coca Tea before I settle down to watch American Idol (one of my favorite shows). This makes the 3rd cup I have had today. I love the stuff -- I live the stuff.

I am a woman with Multiple Sclerosis and fatigue is a huge issue for me. Coca Tea helps me to get along with my day in a much more normal manner without tons of fatigue getting in the way. For more severe MS fatigue, I have Provigil on hand that I take most of the time when I have a busy, busy day ahead of me and I know that I cannot sneak a nap in. Now I need to emphasize that I am "retired" because of MS disability and that my concept of "busy, busy" is probably about 1/10th of what you consider a day. I used to be a woman with an overachiever attitude. Now I am learning to enjoy life more.

I think I am going to start an MS experiment with Coca Tea. I will see if Coca Tea can sustain me in some of the same ways Provigil can. I

I need to say that the stimulant from Coca tea feels much different than coffee and does not give me jitters. It does help me breathing which is energizing in and of itself.

Tomorrow is another day, and I will start my experiment then. For tonight -- I am going to finish my cup of Coca and go watch American Idol.

Enjoy your evening!!
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