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across the big river

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:17pm


Autumn is here, autumn is here
Berries and flowers disappear
Leaves of gold, leaves of brown,
Autumn leaves are falling down 

I feel so busy with autumn--my long pent up cravings for the season being satisfied after 17 years of "autumn lite"--that I feel as busy as a squirrel preparing for winter. For me, it's knitting, canning applesauce and tomato sauce, cooking warm food for the family, stocking the pantry. So there's not much leftover creative energy for reflecting to you right now. But I will say, we had a perfect autumn hike that led us to a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. We found an apple tree (planted by Johnny Appleseed?), were circled by a bald eagle, and found many woolly caterpillars. Miel, our little squirrel, gathered acorns and hickory nuts for her little pockets. Our young scientist examined the caterpillars up close (and restrained himself from stomping on them!)

And . . .we crossed the Mississippi River to have dinner in Wisconsin. My first time in that state. Since we ate a the lovely co-op in LaCrosse, my refrigerator is now Wisconsin-ized with Gouda-Beer Brats and cheese curds.

More this week on yummy autumn meals, I promise.
And just for the record, I have been eating my share of Honeycrisps and thoroughly enjoying them. So I don't mean to give them a bad rap. I just wonder what is responsible for them being an "it apple" over more complex varieties . . . beauty? storability?

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