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Acidity and bowel gas

Posted Jan 28 2010 4:40pm
Acidity with Bowel Gas

Acidity with Bowel Gas


I am suffering from acidity and bowel gas with slight pain in my right upper abdomen I was also diagnosed for polyp in galbladder what should be my remedy? Thanks


Hi Richard -

Sorry to hear that you have some pain.

Pain should be evaluated by your physician. There could be a blockage in your gall bladder causing the pain - or some other cause.

Mild gall bladder congestion is common and can be relieved by:
1. reducing fatty foods as fatty foods require bile to be made and released from the gall bladder,
2. drinking 8 cups of filtered water per day,
3. chewing your food very well before swallowing,
4. and reducing stress as stress closes sphincters which release enzymes and bile acids causing congestion.

How do you know you suffer from acidity? Do you mean you have a problem with acid reflux?

The above suggestions also apply for acid reflux along with reducing ingestion of spicy foods and sugars.

I am a fan of cell salt therapy, but in this instance it may not be enough.

Consider using nutrients which are designed to reduce bile congestion. Liver-GI Detox by Pure Encapsulations is a good formula to help gall bladder congestion.

If you suffer from acid reflux, apply the suggestions above and consider taking Gastric Repair Complex as directed on the bottle:

Suffering from excessive gas and bloating is related also to digestion. If your gall bladder is not functioning up to speed, you will not effectively digest fats causing gas. If your pancreas is not functioning well, you will suffer from gas as well. The same goes for your stomach if not functioning well. However, with an ineffective stomach typically causes acid reflux or/and belching during/after meals.

In order to effectively use Cell Salts, I highly recommend the book, Natural Healing with Cell Salts by Dr Weintraub. She is a colleague of mine and an expert in cell salt therapy. This book is a must have for all people interested in cell salt therapy.

I would also recommend that you purchase the full set of 12 cell salts. This way you can reference Dr Weintraub’s book anytime you have something going on and take the suggested cell salts.

Do keep me posted how you do.

The following suggestions above may provide significant improvements - and quite quickly.

Should you have further questions, please do ask.

Get the cause of your pain diagnosed…

In health,
Dr Ben

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