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Acid Reflux Heartburn and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted Nov 06 2009 10:02pm
Acid reflux heartburn is a serious health problem that affects more than 50 million people. Left untreated acid reflux heartburn may lead to a more serious condition such as gastroesophageal reflux disease and in some case cancer. For most people heartburn is an infrequent occurrence that comes from eating or drinking the wrong things. These intermittent acid reflux suffers can with a simple change in life style stop the symptoms of heartburn.

For other acid reflux heartburn sufferers the pain of acid reflux is a daily occurrence that effects just about every facet of their lives. These chronic acid reflux heartburn sufferers also can in many cases reduce the symptoms of their heartburn by making changes in their lifestyle. Smoking, over eating, as well as ingesting the wrong kinds of liquids and foods along with living in a stress filled environment will increase acid reflux heartburn symptoms. However these lifestyle changes alone will not cure or eliminate chronic acid reflux heartburn symptoms or their root causes. Severe and chronic acid reflux heartburn sufferers need to consult with their physician to get a correct diagnosis. Only then will they be able to address the root causes of their condition.

Acid reflux heartburn symptoms can be reduced through medications. Mild symptoms are generally addressed through the use of over the counter antacids such as Pepcid AC, Tums and many others. Prescription medications for more serious symptoms and condition are prescribed by your doctor. The major problem with almost all of them is side affects. In some case the side affects are so severe that they are worse then the acid reflux heartburn symptoms they are intended to treat. As a result many people are looking for alternative remedies that have few or no side affects to treat the painful symptoms of heartburn.

Acid reflux symptoms can be controlled through the use of proven and time tested natural remedies. Natural remedies have almost no side affects and in some case are beneficial to the body. Probably one of the oldest heartburn remedies is the use of raw apple cider vinegar. I can remember the lady next door who was the local medicine woman for our neighborhood. She pulled teeth and bandaged the scrapes for most of the people on out street. Heartburn causes were not fully understood then in terms of lifestyle. However Mrs. Brennen knew how to treat it and she did so with raw apple cider vinegar. She would make a tea of 1 teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon of pure honey and eight ounces of water. You were to drink this remedy all day long with special emphasis on the time just prior to meals. Only in the most severe cases of acid reflux disease did this remedy not work well.

Raw apple cider vinegar has in it what is called "mother". It is the cloudy portion that settles near the bottom of the gallon jug. If you do not have mother in your apple cider vinegar it probably has been distilled and as such will not work as well as the real raw cider vinegar. When you make your tea you should shake the jug prior to using it to assure that you will be getting some of the "mother" when you mix your tea. The "mother" contains enzymes as well as other compounds that enhance digestion processes.

It is important that you follow the directions and continue to sip the tea during the day long. When you initially take this remedy you may have to drink some of it every 30 minutes until your body adjusts to its affects. After you body makes this adjustment you may be able extend the time between sips of tea. This natural home remedy really is effective on most forms of acid reflux heartburn. It only takes about 10 minutes to start to feel the reduction in heartburn symptoms. Again this remedy does not have any side affects that we have heard about.

Acid reflux heartburn is a serious condition that affects many people. This simple remedy may be able to control or eliminate your acid reflux and heartburn symptoms. If this remedy or any other remedy is not effective in reducing your symptoms then you should consult with a medical professional that specializes in treating acid reflux and heartburn disorders.

James Kesel, MS. is the publisher of Acid Reflux Heartburn Cure. If you need additional information on GERD, Acid Reflux Disease, Heartburn, Heartburn Medication, Gastric Reflux or Acid Reflux Disorder, Heartburn Medicine. Visit us at

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