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Absolutely Awesome Aspirin! Car Battery, Calluses, Flowers, Rust and Pimples-Aspirin Cures It All

Posted Oct 07 2009 10:00pm 3 Comments
When I read all the below things that aspirin can do I was really, really shocked! I went out and bought a big bottle and am going to give some of these a shot. I love finding easy and simple remedies for everyday problems so I hope that this helps you too!

Bye,Bye Itchy Bug Bites-Got a mosquito or bug bite that just won’t stop itching? Moisten the affected area and rub an aspirin tablet over the bumps. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory agents that seep into the sore and reduces swelling and discomfort.

Love Your Flowers Longer- If you want your flowers to last longer just drop two tablets of aspirin in the water before adding your fresh cut flowers. The aspirin decreases the PH level of the water which is a breeding ground for bacteria and causes your flowers to wilt sooner. By adding the aspirin it makes your bouquet last longer!

Ciao Calluses!-Just mix 1 Tbs. of lemon juice with five crushed aspirin tablets and apply to your calluses and cover with a plastic bag for 10 minutes. Remove the bag and rinse with warm water. The combo of acids in the lemon juice and aspirin will exfoliate the rough layer of dead skin cells.

Rust Marks Be gone-If you hate the rust marks on your bathroom counter as much as I do just wet the area, smash an aspirin tablet and sprinkle it on the mark then wipe away after 10 minutes.

Poof Pimples To Another Galaxy-This is so easy for those nasty and rude pimples! Simply crush an aspirin tablet, add enough water to make a paste and leave on your blemish overnight. In the morning you should be on your way to clear skin!!!

Dead Car Battery?? Aspirin To The Rescue-Is your car battery dead? Well make sure you always have aspirin in the car because all you need to do is drop two tablets into the battery. The acetylsalicylic acid in the aspirin will react with the battery’s sulfuric acid to allow a strong enough charge to start your car.

Who knew? Really cannot believe all the great things aspirin can do besides get rid of my headaches. Hurrah for aspirin!

Ref- First For Women-9/14/09
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regarding asprin if the results are ok then is very useful
In fact, the is required to be checked and maintained on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good condition and this will help prolong the lifespan of the battery.

Wow. Never thought that aspirin could be so magical. I mean, I always use it having a fever or having a headache, bit I would never use at as a means against itching bug bites for example! Thanks a lot for the info, it's really awsome!

 Yours, the employee of

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