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A Work in Progress

Posted Mar 10 2012 12:00am
What was your first thought when you were diagnosed with a chronic illness?

Could you have ever imagined what happens next? Did you know at that time that your old life was over and you were embarking on the biggest journey of your life?

It has been 7 years now for me. At first, I refused to believe the diagnosis of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and pretended I would be getting better soon. I figured it was just going to take longer than usual. Over the years, like anyone else, I had had my share of surgeries and sickness. Nothing prepared me for this! This was a whole new level of B A D......

I went through the usual; denial, depression, anger..lots of anger...Stayed there a really long time. The "Why Me" and the "It's Not Fair" phase lasted longer than it should have. But, since there is no guidebook when your life is being destroyed bit by bit, I just let it happen. 

By the time I had gotten to my lowest, darkest place, the disease spreading like wildfire through my entire body, I started to give up.....Listening to the medical "experts" who proclaimed my life was over was just the icing on the cake. I figured they were experts, right? 

WRONG. They were not the experts on my body. I was! 

How could I have let strangers determine what my life was going to be? Why did I not see it?

Hence, the rebuilding part. I learned new tools. New ways of thinking. Ways to work around my physical limitations.

I will probably always be a work in progress. But, that's OK. I am best builder for ME. I know what I want and need. No one will limit my dreams, my desires and hopes. Not unless I let them......

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