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A typical mold patient

Posted Jan 19 2010 10:33am
I get emails like this a lot. I thought his questions and my answer could be useful. Dear Pat, I'm a former Disney animator who lives in Los Angeles. I will keep this brief. My health has been declining for 4 years. Problems with digestive system, nervous system, lungs and sinuses. Doctors were unable to find the cause. Recently, a testing company discovered mold growth behind the walls of my home office where I've worked for the past six years. The office had severe water intrusion problems during this time. I've since moved out and have disposed of just about all of my personal belongings. What's left is sealed and in storage. Unfortunately, I'm unable to be near it at this time. I went to Dr. Shoemaker for diagnosis and treatment. All tests verified mold illness: double genotype (not the dreaded, thank goodness), MSH of 8, VIP of 10, C4a over 10,000, etc. I've been on the cholestyramine for 7 months. Some problems have improved such as ADD, confusion, leg and foot cramping and twitching and severe burning in my spine. - however, I'm still experiencing dehydration, fatigue, depression, brain fog ad severe burning sensation in my neck and head. It's miserable and I'm unable to work. I've lost everything - health, finances and property. Shoemaker will not give me Actos or VIP replacement because my biomarkers have not improved in the 9 months he's been treating me. In fact, my c4a has doubled from 5,000. to 10,000. I need help. I'm renting a room in a house. All vents have heppa filters in them and I have a large heppa air cleaner in my room. I IRMI tested the house though I spend 95% of my time in the sealed room. The results were 5.28. Not sure what that...
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