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A trial of sorts

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm

I have spent the last few days trying hard to see if I could try to live without the bag. I increased the frequency of catheterisation, and a first it appeared to work. I still had to use dressings, however overnight its an absolute no, no, even if I cathed every four hours.

The long and short of it is it doesn't work. The first 24 hours I had a reduced amount of urine so I was led into a false sense of security. Last night it went badly even in spite of Fi busting out some Tena lady samples she had, um what are you not telling me FiFi, lol. Even the super duper extra absorbent type failed miserably. So now one must wait and wait and wait until the Hospital decide to actually fix the issue instead of procrastinating, and hoping one may perish.

I am aware of when it leaks, is a weird tickling sensation on my tum, then I race to the loo at speed, thank god I was at home and not out and about.
In the meantime I have been up until obscene hours doing assignments. One of them is focused on Domestic Violence and the effects on children. Maybe this has also contributed to my deep and meaningful(hair pulling) posts recently. No I'm not all bitter about it, just sad that if anything in spite of all the education out there many attitudes especially in young males has not changed.
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