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A Ton Of Sit Ups

Posted Mar 05 2013 10:03pm

Doing hundreds of sit ups to LOSE FAT does not work.  It is a myth that has been going around the mill for a long time, and people do it all of the time.  Doing hundreds of sit ups will however develop your ab muscles big time.  After you have managed to get rid of the layers of fat that are covering them up, you will have an awesome set of killer abs.  

So the fact is that sit ups are absolutely important, and they are a great core exercise, no matter what anyone says.  If you read that sit ups are not a good ab exercise, take the time to do a bunch of them, and tell me the next day what muscles are sore.  People like to try to sell their programs based on things like “sit ups, and crunches do not work for getting abs” just because they know that is what people want to hear.  It is not based on what the facts prove, it based on the general idea that people are lazy, and do not want to do a tough exercise like sit ups.  It is still, and always will be one of the best  exercises for six pack abs  ever. 

Without the proper nutrition, and some good cardio exercise to go along with it, chances are that you are never going to see the abs that you are developing.  It all goes together to make the most effective 6 pack abs program.  Start counting calories .  If you can cut back your calories by 500 per day, you should be able to lose about a pound a week. 

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