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A Look At Chemical Burns

Posted Feb 05 2010 2:52am

If you think of ways to get burnedchances are things like firehot wateror cooking appliances are often the first things to come to mind. And while these burn are some of the most common that people suffer fromthey are not the only cause. There are other burns that can be just as painful and even more harmfulbut also require a different treatment. Chemical burns are another type of burn that can be quite serious.

There are different ways that you can receive a chemical burn. While many people are under the impression that they only occur in an industry settingyou can also receive chemical burns from your everyday household chemicals. Used properlythese chemicals are often used to clean the various surfaces in our homesbut used improperly they can cause serious damage.

Chemical burns are caused by chemicals that are strongly acidic or alkaline. Around the houseyou might find such chemicals in the cleaners that you use to clean your toiletsdo your laundryand unplug your drains. Improper handling of these products can lead to dangerous chemical burns.

While they are called a burna chemical burn and a burn caused by heat are very different. Heat burns are all very similaronly differing in severity. Chemical burnsdue to being caused by a variety of chemicalscan have different symptoms and need different remedies. Here are some things that apply to all chemical burns.

Location - certain areas are considered more serious than others. This includes chemical burns that occur on the buttocksfaceand groin.

The severity - some chemical burns can injure more than one layer of skin. This causes these chemical burns to be more susceptible to infection and other problems.

Time - how long a victim has been exposed to a chemical will often make the difference in how severe a chemical burn becomes. Quick treatment is often necessary in order to prevent a chemical burn from becoming worse.

If you receive a chemical burnthe best course of action is to call a doctor and/or the poison control center. Due to their naturesome chemical burns can have serious damage under the skin but no outward signs. And unless you have had training in how to treat chemical burnsthere is the possibility that you could make a chemical burn worse. Howeverthere are some steps that you can take to keep a chemical burn from getting worse.

Get a safe distance away. If the victim can be movedgetting away from the accident site will help prevent a recurrence of the exposure that caused the burn in the first place.

Remove clothing. Clothing can become saturated with the chemical causing the burncausing prolonged exposure to the skin. Removing any clothing will help prevent the chemical burn from getting worse.

Remove the chemical. Under the guidance of the 911 operator or poison control officerremove as much of the chemical as possibleusing care not to cause further burning.

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