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A Later Date

Posted Jan 04 2010 8:02pm

Time to reveal the results….

Logan had a psychological evaluation on December 7, 2009. The technique used to assess his cognitive functioning was the Mullen Scales of Early Learning. Based on this evaluation, it was determined that Logan’s overall functioning is estimated to lie within the severely cognitively impaired range. Let’s take a look at his scores in comparison to his prior evaluation on December 8, 2006.

Using the same exact method of testing, here are the numbers:

-Visual Reception Skills: 15 month level in ‘06

                                 13 month level in ‘09

-Fine Motor Skills: 12 month level in ‘06

                          12 month level in ‘09

-Receptive Language Skills: 14 month level in ‘06

                                       9 month level in ‘09

-Expressive Language Skills: 12 month level ‘06

                                         6 month level ‘09

It was noted that his ‘overall functioning is lower than results obtained at Logan’s last evaluation in 2006’. After looking at the above numbers, that is very obvious. Logan went from a Physically Impaired (PI) status to Severe Multiple Impairment (SXI). I completely understand that a label is a label and they should be saved for soup cans, however, I’m not gonna lie and say it doesn’t hurt on so many levels.

As for the Autism testing…. It’s all a bit confusing. To me, at least. I was told that Logan does not have Autism. Great. However, it is stated in the report that he has deficits in the areas of sensory, communication, and social interactions. That statement leaves me wondering how much is Logan’s ‘deficit’ and how big does a ‘deficit’ have to be before it’s considered Autism. Hmmm….

Today is history, tomorrow is a mystery.

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