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A Job Loss, A Bruised Left Foot, Equals Lots Of Stress In My Domestic Life

Posted Dec 12 2010 12:00am

Hello there all and sorry that I’ve been away for a while…again.

So what’s happened to me since my last postings….

Well, first off…I was terminated ( a politically correct term for being Fired! ) from my new job at that place here in my home town…yes that job that I left my previous job for after almost seventeen years of somewhat dedicated service.

I guess I’ll start right here and say that I had two incidents ( that’s ” ACCIDENTS! “) where I was dislodged ( that’s ” Fell! ” ) from that transport car that I hated being on in  the first place…and that I let everyone know on no uncertain terms that I despised being on…and both times the accidents were not my fault but rather the fault of another who was at the controls at the time…actually my mishaps occurred while the ” same Person ” was at the controls both time.

The first time, I reported the incident right away and I was fine…no big deal.

The second time, I was fine at first…so I did not report the accident right away…my mistake, as more than an hour later ( I was told actually two hours at least ) when I started to have some problems with walking, so I reported it.

Came into work the next day and was told that due to the ” Zero Tolerance Policy ” as far as safety was concerned they had to let me go, and when I politely protested and explained just why I had waited to report this I was also told ” That My Presentation Was All Wrong ” by presentation they meant that I ” Lost It ” when there were bundles of corrugated paper falling all over the place and no one was offering to help pick the stuff up. I mean actual ” People ” would just walk by and shake their heads and just continue on their merry way…it’s not my problem dude…it’s yours!

Thanks a lot folks! I did manage to make some friends at that place but honestly, I’ll probably never run into them again..oh well!

Needless to say that ….

  • First I was not hired to run this stupid, insipid trans cart to deliver corrugated paper to a strapper, I was hired to work in a, and was only in that department after much showing of discontent on my part as to being on this car.
  • Second, the guy of hired me, Joe Nicoletti,  was almost at this facility. He was almost always at this company’s still functioning plant somewhere in New Jersey! If I saw this guy for a total of a ” ” during my whole time of employment there…it was a lot.

I actually saw this  Joe Nicoletti ( and I’m pretty sure that I’ve misspelled his last name…and I don’t care! ) for around twenty minutes during my interview with him ( which was part of my above calculation of sixty minutes ) the rest of the time it was mostly ” Hi How Are You? Sorry But I Gotta Head Back To New Jersey ” and I’ll see you whenever.

Needless to say I was none too happy with this turn of events and my wife was even less thrilled with me about the whole thing…anyway in hindsight had I any inkling that this would have been the outcome to all of this, I would never have left my old job.

So, let’s talk about my feet shall we…

take a gander at the pics of my left foot below…

Wow! That’s a Huge Ugly Foot!

Look at the pretty shades of Black and Blue!

Okay, I thought that two pictures of my gigantic left foot were more than enough for all of you to stand, but I have no clue as to the how and the why of it’s current condition ( and these shot’s were taken yesterday evening ) and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do about all of this and I’m uncertain if this is related to Gout or if this is some new vascular manifestation.

Gotta love the ” Black and Blue ” coloring there though!

So, I’m on the hunt for a new job, which hell knows when I’ll actually get one, as I’m joining the ranks of the nations unemployed…and trying to earn a living in a different way…something that will require less ” Body ” and more ” Brain “…like…wait for it…


I enjoy writing, I get to actually flex my mind and quite possibly improve my vocabulary while doing it.

I’ll speak on this more in the future and also address the fact that I have not written a newsletter in over two months now nand what’s going to happen with the newsletter.

Well that’s all for now, as I gotta get ready to take my wife out grocery shopping and to get her glasses finally from Lens Crafters!


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