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A dog nose.

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm
My friend Fi has written a highly informative post on Dogs detection. Dogs have an extreme sense of smell, which can detect even Cancers, or when owners are hyperglycaemic, or are about to have an epileptic fit.
This link has many other links contained within her article which are fascinating. Imagine the impact upon Radiological services if this takes off successfully. Envisage working in the E,R or E.D and you have a difficult patient who you cannot diagnose, or who has the " I know my body" thingy. You could just pull out a dog, get them to sniff the patients breath. No reaction from the dog, and you could just turf the patient out. The dog being the diagnostician.
I have experienced a few times with my own dog when I have been sick. He becomes obscenely clingy. He knows he isnt allowed on the couch, so he actually climbs on top of me, suffocatingly so. But he knows there is something wrong with mum.
I think using Dogs in this manner is a great advance in medicine.
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