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A Coincidence Or Not?

Posted Oct 19 2009 8:56pm
I’m afraid not. Call me crazy, but I don’t believe in coincidences. What I do believe is that certain things happen for a reason. Though there are times I may never know the exact reason, there is definitely purpose. My perfect example is how Logan and I get involved with ABM.

Several months ago, I was given a link to the Anat Baniel Method website by Logan’s superb teacher (we love you Moe!). As I researched the wealth of information available on Anat’s site, I began to absorb it into my sponge of a brain. I decided it was well worth looking into finding a local practitioner for Logan. At that time, the nearest certified ABM practitioner was in Saginaw, a three hour drive from my house. I had hemmed and hawed at the idea and decided it was just too far of a drive and left it at that.

As time went by, I found myself putting my nose into more and more research. It was during that time I got real serious about taking a plunge into Euro-Peds. Serious to the point that I sent them $1000 bucks to put Logan’s name on their waiting list. I already had our dates of service scheduled and was finalizing each and every minor detail. Then along came my mother with a story that put this on hold.

A story of a sister of a gal that works with my mom, whom has two kids (how’s that for vague? I know, but I really could go on forever). To this day, I’m unsure of the kids' exact diagnosis, not that it matters anyway, but I was able to relate after hearing about the mother’s experiences prior to ABM sessions. After hearing how effective ABM has been for her children, I was inspired and decided to take another peek on Anat’s website.

Unlike my previous attempt to find a local practitioner, I was given a ‘HERE’S YOUR SIGN!’. I was blown away to find Rene', a certified ABM practitioner located in Grand Rapids. Only 35 miles away from home. I knew right then and there it was time to shove this ABM door wide open and charge through. Logan and I did just that. Having Rene' in our life is a true blessing and was surely meant to be. Every aspect was intentional and there is no coincidence about it. The miracles are abundant…..

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