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A bit choppy at sea

Posted Oct 06 2010 12:00am
Today I wasn't particularly chuffed by how my day was unfolding.  Firstly I woke up and felt a bit clammy.  My head was fuzzy and I could just about take my tablets before collapsing in a heap, back into my sleeping position, head buried into nice soft pillow...ahhh!!  I knew I had work today but my body was completely dead weight.  I could not keep an eyelid open, I was pretty useless.  I had a rough night and I knew this would mean some tiredness in the morning that would need to be addressed.  I told my employers what was happening and they were so so lovely about it.  Most of my friends and colleagues know that for me to admit defeat to illness is very rare.  I',m always 'fine thank yoy, how are you?' kinda person!  As the morning continued, my lethargy increased and also my breathlessness.  Oh dear? Temperature checked out okay so I knew not to worry too much.  I have been sipping water throughout the night.  What could be the problem?

Eventually, around 11.30am I made it into the bathroom and it was incredibly tiring and painful to get myself showered.  I needed some help and plenty of time.  My bath chair was helpful, enabling me to rest .  Every time I rose to my feet, I could feel that my body was struggling to keep me upright.  Now I am starting to get more concerned about whats happening.  I really think my iron levels have plummetted as I feel the same symptoms as at the beginning of the year when I had serious anaemia.

I made it to the sofa and scrapped my usual makeup routine and hair styling.  Mum helped me to lie down comfortably with Lidocaine patch attached. I remained there for the best part of the early afternoon sipping some water and nodding on and off..

Late afternoon I felt a little surge of energy (by then I had upgraded to a few sips of water- water allowance alarm!!)but I wanted to use it diligently.  I managed to sort a few bits of paperwork but didn't make any calls as too breathless.  I watched a dreadful Dick Van Dyke murder 'mystery' where the suspect was obvious  within the first 30 seconds.  It served a purpose to make me feel relaxed so that's good.

Dinner was yum with lovely homemade lasagne and I'd eaten the pud earlier which was a Jamie Oliver Indulgent Chocolate Fudge Cake.  Just divine!!  Thanks mum!  :-)

I've been busy practicing some sign language today.  Its hard without a partner but I plod along every day nonetheless!  Hopefully one day I can utilise it in the community.  It's funny how much is remembered though I do worry about all that I've forgotten.  I've just remembered I must call back a friend from the class who buzzed me over the weekend...

If tomorrow proves to be another 'restricted rest' day then I have committed myself to the task of sorting my computer files by deleting bits, creating folders, backing up work onto hard drive and  then making sure from now on that I carefully organise (thanks Louise @ Adori Graphics!!). I need to free up space for a couple bits of software and I need to add Skype so hoping I can get through a lot.  If I feel a lot better then I think some walking and fresh air are in order!

Fingers crossed, the choppy sea will calm a bit and I will cruise along tomorrow feeling much more tippity top!!

Nite nite!!
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