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6 Ways to Get Yourself Motivated to Work Out

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:19pm

Hi Guys,

After spending countless hours working these past several months, I finally took this past weekend off. Instead of working in my home office for much of the weekend, I spent time with my family. My kids were so happy. In fact, I was so happy too.

Because this is often a challenge for me when I am focused on something else, such as my work or my family, I wanted to talk today about "Getting Motivated to Workout."

So, here are 6 great ways to get yourself motivated:

  1. Set goals. I'm sure you've been hearing this a lot lately: "You need to know what you want before you can ever get what you want." This is absolutely critical to any successful health, fitness and wellness regime. It is important to set standards for yourself, otherwise you will drift aimlessly until the boredom and fatigue set in. Set a date and a target for your weight-loss, health or wellness goals and then take the appropriate measures to achieve success.
  2. Make a Fitness Plan. Start by noting changes (no matter how small) that you would like to make. Prioritize them and then get started. You may want to get to the gym 3 days per week, drink more water rather than coffee, eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day, incorporate a nutrition shake for your mid-afternoon meal, etc. Once you have written down the specific changes you want to make, incorporate them into your life. Remember that no change is too small. You'd be surprised how a little change such as drinking more water can equate to terrific fat-burning or weight-loss results.
  3. Buy a new article of clothing. It could be anything. Buy yourself a pair of new jeans, a new dress, a bathing suit, or whatever article of clothing that you really like and would love to wear by a certain date (summer for example). Be realistic so that you don't get discouraged. Plan to lose about 1 pound of weight per week. Hang that new article of clothing in your closet where you can see it everyday. This will be a subtle but powerful reminder of your health, fitness and wellness goals.
  4. Play some music! Some studies show that listening to your favorite workout music can actually motivate you to achieve better workout results. Grab your iPod and hit the gym. IPods are getting less expensive by the week. Music can really super-charge your workout and can help you exercise longer. There's nothing quite like it to get you motivated, especially during those inclines on the treadmill!
  5. Plan a trip. Vacation plans always seem to spark a new incentive to look your best. Pick a goal date (e.g. 3 months from now) and incorporate a vacation in your plan. Your motivation level inevitably will increase when you think about looking good during your next beach vacation.
  6. Try a new gym. Sometimes, this simple change can shift your overall attitude about going to the gym. You could simply be bored of the same old workout rooms, walls, equipment, etc. If you can't afford it, go as a guest with one of your friends. Working out with a friend is another great motivational tip too!

Achieving health, fitness and wellness takes effort, but motivation is always the first step. So, get to the gym or outdoors or wherever you work out. And, let me know how you feel after that great workout!

"Healthy. Fit. Living Fully." for life...

Sandy Huard, President, Women's Health Supply International
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