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50 Nurse blogs to Follow

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:02pm
I was asked in an email if I could publish this list of fifty Nurse Blogs to Follow...Happy reading folks, some insight into medical professionals around the world.:) see here
  • @SafetyNurse: Barbara Olson is an active tweeter from the Southeastern US who has accumulated over 1200 followers because of her thoughtful posts.
  • @teriRN: A tweeter from Utah, Teri is an active member of the Twitter nursing community with more than 680 followers.
  • @OSUMarkRN: Mark Amber works at the Ohio State University Medical Center and is becoming an active participant in nursing chats on Twitter.
  • @aurn79: Paige Butler is somewhat new to Twitter, but she is beginning to converse with a lot of the more followed nurses on the site.
  • @NurseDan: Dan Weberg from Pennsylvania is an ER nurse with a master’s degree in healthcare innovation
  • @ERNurseJoy: Joy from Utah has over 3,800 followers that tune in to read her funny, random, and informative tweets.
  • @quesarasara: Sara from Ontario Canada works online and in nursing on a frequent basis, providing fun tweets all the time.
  • @DonnaCardilloRN: Donna Cardillo from New Jerseyis an up and coming tweeter who works for nursing magazines and journals alike.
  • @Andrea_M: Andrea Morrill from Utah gives reports about a variety of issues in the nursing community.
  • @KidCancerNurse: Tiffany Zook from Arizona is a child cancer advocate with a career in oncology nursing.
  • @NurseEducator: Teresa Heithaus is a Staff Development Director in New York with great info for nurses in her tweets.
  • @SusanNiemeierRN: Susan Niemeier is a chief nursing officer from Massachusetts.
  • @AprilAlcaide: April Alcaide from Florida vocalizes her spiritual beliefs and kind words in the hopes of uplifting nurses and other people on Twitter.
  • @DianaRN: Diana Fuller is a Unit Nurse in New York with more than 100 followers.
  • @PinkyPhee: This tweeter is a Director of Clinical Services in Michigan with more than 2000 followers under her belt.
  • @brown2020: Steve Brown from Silicon Valley was the founder of what is now known as Robert Bosch Healthcare.
  • @straussrn: Jennifer Myers from New Mexico is a Prison Nurse who likes to write on the side.
  • @Richard_RN: Richard from Texas is a Registered Nurse who has more than 20,000 followers (no that’s not a typo).
  • @nursejennifer: Jennifer Smith from Texas is a little on the wild side, but she still has a passion for nursing.
  • @IsntSheLovlei: Lovlei McKinney is actually a student of nursing, but she usually asks helpful questions to other members of the community.
  • @PaulaRobinson: Paula Robinson from Florida has more than 5,800 followers who like to hear her views on senior health.
  • @RoRod101: Rosita Rodriguez is relatively new to Twitter, but she links a lot of information from other tweeters within her posts.
  • @Geek2Nurse: This tweeter from Washington used to be an electrical engineer, but she turned into a Psychology Nurse recently and likes to tweet about it.
  • @BrendaBlair128: Brenda Blair from Ohio has a lot of great links for nursing resources.
  • @bamagirlRN: Danielle Almaroad is a school nurse and a proud mother who loves to tweet.
  • @mkopp1: This mother of twins from Minnesota is an active ER Nurse with a passion for food and helping people.
  • @StephHlthRcruit: Stephanie Perea from Pennsylvania actively recruits new nurses to work with her on various projects.
  • @PhilBaumann: Phil Baumann is a pharmacist and RN from Pennsylvania with more than 8,000 tweets to date.
  • @suzishepherd: Suzanne Tietjen is from the Midwest US, and she loves working as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.
  • @LuvenRN: Carolyn Newstrom has been involved in nursing for 26 years, and she looks to learn from other tweeters in California and the world so that she can better her performance.
  • @lorryschoenly: Lorry Schoenly from Pennsylvania is a freelance writer and Correctional Nurse Educator with more than 1300 tweets on her page.
  • @jrobinsonRN: Jennifer Robinson works with medical leagal classes and is an avid animal lover.
  • @pixelrn: Beth Anderson is a nurse from Maryland with a passion for technology.
  • @bgaustin: This tweeter from Texas is a Biomedical Regional Manager with over 500 followers.
  • @BonnieRN: Bonnie Kavanagh lives in Colorado and has more than 5000 tweets on her page about common activities in the nursing world.
  • @bhawkesRN: Beth Hawkes from California is an RN who frequently chats with others on Twitter.
  • @NurseJanIam: Jan Rodolfo is an Oncology RN from California with a following of more than 1800 tweeters online.
  • @JenRN: Jen from Wisconsin is a Cardiac Nurse who teaches student nurses as well.
  • @PMRN: This tweeter likes to discuss some of the frustrations associated with working overnight nursing shifts.
  • @Jeff_RN: Jeff Young from Massachusetts works with other people in the RN community to discuss problems and occasionally just laugh about the day.
  • @NutritionNurse1: Suzanne is an RN and licensed Nutritionist from Washington DC who uses Twitter to discuss weight management.
  • @pcRN: This Legal Nurse from Pennsylvania has more than 1800 followers and 1000 tweets to date.
  • @JennyBizRN: Jennifer Grisso is a business minded nurse from Illinois who works part time as an RN.
  • @therman: Ted Herman from New York is somewhat new to Twitter, but he still works well in the tweeting world.
  • @bluntmom: Sara Foshee is a proud nurse and mom from Georgia who likes to tell it like it is.
  • @ josephweaver: Joe Weaver is an RN and author with an astounding 36,000 followers under his belt.
  • @JetWithAnya: Anya Clowers is an RN in California who works to help people with health issues travel more easily.
  • @Laura_RN: Laura Collyer is from Canada who is always available to answer RN-related questions.
  • @CindyCohen: Cindy Cohen is from Indiana, and there she works as a Wellness Coach.
  • @TraumaaaNurse: Susi has a fun personality and a passion for nursing that make her quite interesting to follow.

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