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5 Fat Loss Tips to Help With Weight Loss

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:19pm

Here are some recommendations that will help with your fat loss efforts:

  1. Protein is an important dietary requirement to help in the lean muscle-building department. It is recommended that you consume high-quality protein such as lean sources of chicken and fish every 3 hours. Protein consumption before bed is okay, but avoid carbohydrates just before you retire.
  2. In bodybuilding circles, L-Glutamine is consumed in supplement form to preserve lean muscle and to assist in the production of growth hormone. Supplementation is a good idea if you do strength-training and your goal is to get lean.
  3. Dropping your carbohydrate intake is a good idea as it will help you tighten. Simple carbohydrates should always be avoided. Be sure to maintain an adequate amount of mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fat intake as these "good fats" are necessary in the building of muscle and in proper cellular functioning. Supplementation with Omega 3s or flax seed oil is a good idea.
  4. Cycle your calories. This is the process of essentially keeping the body guessing as to how many calories a day (or during a given meal) you will be eating. Some days you may consume 1,400 calories, while others 1,800 calories for example. What this does is ensure that your body does not go into starvation mode during periods when you want to lose weight. Bodybuilders cycle calories all of the time because it helps them to shed fat.
  5. Unfortunately, research has shown that people who consume a diet that has a lot of variety tend to overeat. So, try to maintain a daily diet that is simple. Eat good quality protein as mentioned previously and avoid processed sugar as much as possible.

I hope you are achieving those New Year's resolutions now that it's February 1st. If not, get back on the health, fitness and wellness bandwagon and join our discussion.

Have a great weekend!

Sandy Huard, President, Women's Health Supply International

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