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4 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Hair Color

Posted Dec 17 2010 1:01am

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Debbie’s aghast about her gray… Help! I finally gave in and quit dyeing my hair to avoid the gray and had it bleached and colored to match my gray hair (a little more silver) but the ends and outer layer keeps wanting to turn a dirty blonde. The inner layer and the top are staying the color I want. What can I do to prevent this and do any of the shampoos for silver hair really work? If they (shampoos) work which ones do you recommend?

The Right Brain responds by the light of the silvery moon:

Based on what you’ve told us we think your shampoo may only be part of the problem. There are several things that could be contributing to your dirty blonde problem. Here are the Beauty Brains top 4 factors to watch out for:

That damages the ends, making them more porous. And when they’re more porous they react differently to hair dyes.

Under-conditioning leaves the outer layer of your hair vulnerable to environmental damage. And environmental damage can cause the dye to fade differently.

You may have selected a color with too much yellow undertone.

Typically these so-called “silver” shampoos contain violet dye. The violet color neutralizes some of the yellow tint so your hair looks more silver and less dirty blonde.

The good news is that as your hair grows out to its “true” gray/silver color you should see the dirty blonde go away.

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